If you have not yet received your commission for your referral, it is likely due to the 60-day hold on Partner payouts.

When signups occur anytime within a month, whether the signup occurred on the 1st day or the last day of the month, ThriveCourses waits for the next full month to make sure the ThriveCourses Subscription isn't canceled or refunded.

After that month has expired, a report is generated the first week of the following month. Then, ThriveCourses pays out Partner commissions around the 29th of the month depending on holidays and weekends.

For example, any sales made in September 2021, will receive their earned commissions around November 29, 2021.

This means if your referral made their Thrive Courses Subscription payment this month, you will receive your earned commissions two months later around the 29th of that month.

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